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Netmax Media Group

Netmax Media Group is a PR & Communications company, specialized in media relations.

Netmax Media Group

About Us

Founded in 2018, Netmax Media Group aka Netmax Network is a PR & Communications company, specialized in media relations, communication strategy, above and below the line activities and events production. Within the latest years the company became highly acclaimed for the organization of top multiple projects. Netmax Media Group also includes Netmax Hosting,Netmax TV and E-TV.

We provide:

  • Server hosting services
  • Cloud Services
  • Broadcast Services
Netmax Media Group


Netmax TV

Netmax TV owns and operates 2 full power broadcast television stations. These stations distribute sports, entertainment content, and collectively produce nearly 1,000 hours of content every week. The breadth and depth of our footprint allows us to produce and distribute content that engages and informs audiences, develops deeper consumer relationships and creates more compelling product offerings.


E-TV provides programs geared towards, electronics&electrical engineering.

Netmax Hosting

Netmax Hosting is a high quality web solutions provider. It offers a variety of services including GameServers and VPS hosting.

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